THINK: The Process of Innovation

Think App

Using the THINK app (free for iPad), students will explore how progress is shaped through a common and systematic approach that follows a five-step process of Seeing, Mapping, Understanding, Believing and Acting (SMUBA).  Your students will explore the process of innovation and participate in as many as three units, featuring hands-on lessons that will to help them become innovators in their own right and to take actions that can help them become forward-thinking citizens of the world.


THINK: A Film about making the world work better

This THINK video provides an overview of the THINK app and its accompanying lessons. Across a diversity of examples, the film reveals how progress was made possible by a combination of people and technology, and by taking a distinct approach to making the world work better -- seeing, mapping, understanding, believing and acting. Today, this very approach can be used to tackle challenges large and small.