You Are What you Drink Part 2 NGSS
Jun 11 2015
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Filtration, cause and effect, biodiversity, water, pollution, design, solutions, optimize, models

Performance Expectation:

PE MS-ETS1-2 Evaluate competing design solutions using a systematic process to determine how well they meet the criteria and constraints of the problem. PE MS-LS2-5 Evaluate competing design solutions for maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Estimated Time Required:

5-8 hours

Related Lesson Plan:

Lesson Overview:

In this lesson, students will use the criteria and constraints they articulated in You Are What You Drink Part 1 to build and evaluate a water filter. They will answer the driving question: Based on a set of criteria and constraints, how do we build and evaluate a water filter that will lead to an optimized system that meets the needs of clean water for human use and consumption?

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