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Explore chemistry as you mix up a goopy substance that is not quite a liquid and not quite a solid.
Contributed By: Museum of Science
Make a hilarious honker! Fasten a piece of string through a hole in the end of a plastic cup and discover the hilarious sounds you can make. Find out how the length, tautness and wetness of the string affect sound vibrations.
Contributed By: COSI Columbus
How's your aim? Find out how physics can make or break your game with a tennis racket, ball and paper targets and see if you can hit the spot!
Contributed By: The Franklin Institute
Build a rocket-a blown-up balloon taped to a drinking straw threaded through some string. The rocket follows Newton's Third Law of Motion: Every action produces an equal and opposite reaction.
Contributed By:
Use color and principles of light and optics to fool your brain into 'seeing' three dimensions on a flat surface.
Contributed By: Discovery Place
Can you use Physics to defy gravity? Learn about the forces that keep rollercoasters on their tracks in this experiment.
Contributed By: Sciencecenter
Can you bend light to create patterns? Create a kaleidoscope and see the world through new eyes.
Show your Kool Colors! Discover the chemistry of tie-dyeing with cotton fabric, Kool-Aid and vinegar.
How easy is it to let it roll? Find out with two jar lids, some marbles, and a straw handle!
Contributed By: Technopolis
How far are you from the eye of a storm? Make observations and track thunderstorms using this mathematical tool.
Contributed By: SciTech Hands-On Museum
Students will investigate how changing the center of gravity of a balloon affects how it travels.
Contributed By: Explora
Get loopy and amaze your friends! Morph circles into other shapes with the magic of geometry, paper loops, some tape and a scissors.
Find out how much hot air you have! Measure your lung capacity-how much air your lungs can hold-by making a spirometer out of a plastic bottle, a pan of water, and some flexible tubing.
Contributed By: COSI Columbus
Make waves! Use food coloring, water and oil to create and experiment with beautiful wave patterns.
Contributed By: The Franklin Institute
Students will investigate simple machines and energy and its transformations as they race marbles.
Contributed By: New York Hall of Science
Build a cannon that can move objects by 'shooting' air.
Make your own mummy! Use a combination of salts to transform an apple into a mummy.
Can you hear better with your fingers in your ears? Find out with a coat hanger and some string!
What happens when you fool your brain? Try it online - listen to some scrambled songs and find out how your brain interprets what you hear. Or Try it at home - fool your brain with some optical illusions.
Will you take a nosedive? All you need to find out is a sheet of paper! Fold a Navy Jet and experiment with lift and drag to make it go left, right and loop de loop.