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Teachers TryScience is a collaborative effort between the New York Hall of Science, IBM Corporation and teachengineering.org.

We are grateful to the Teachers TryScience Advisory Committee for their invaluable input into the creation of this web site. Our Advisory Committee includes:

Integrated STEM Lessons

Teachers TryScience was developed to bring best practices in design-based learning to your school. Design-based learning gives you the flexibility to facilitate and enable students to synthesize skills from a variety of disciplines and integrate them into learning activities. For example, to solve a problem in environmental science, students might need to employ physics, chemistry and earth science concepts and skills. Design-based learning goes further in challenging students to engineer solutions through their knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines.

As you look at how each of the lessons in Teachers TryScience is correlated to standards and curricula think about the notion of STEM integration and how this interdisciplinary approach to learning can benefit the creative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills of your students. A STEM integrated lesson will: stimulate critical thinking and apply inquiry skills; apply mathematical and technological solutions to engineering problems; may apply science concepts from more than one science discipline; recognize that more than one approach to problem solving may be valid; may require alternative measures of assessment; recognize that different students approach a problem or topic from different entry points; recognize that prior knowledge may determine the approach the student takes to the problem; and that sometimes the research question simply generates many more questions.